Advisory Page

Cotton lace is being made in various qualities. Mostly depending on the thread being used.
Are you looking for a certain purpose to use cotton lace?

Cotton Lace qualities

We can categorize cotton lace in two categories: 12 points and 15 points.
The 12 points is a slightly heavier type of cotton lace, and the thread used is slightly heavier than 15 points.

Good examples of 12 points lace are:

  • # 1-5
  • #19-23
  • #100
  • # 176-188B

Typical 15 points lace are lace types as:

12 points cotton lace are usually lower priced than 15 points cotton lace items, so if you are looking for cotton lace at a lower price and great quality, the 12 points may be for you!
The 15 points we recommend if you need the finest and most delicate lace quality.

Cotton val lace is very popular to use for heirloom sewing, doll making, teddy bear costuming, patchwork, quilting, historical clothing and other purposes.

  • #116
  • #117
  • #118
  • #303( any other in the 300 series also)
  • #172-175
  • #255-#259A

How to wash Cotton laces

Cotton lace can be perfectly washed by either hand washing or using in a washing machine (medium wash would do).
We recommend ironing after washing.
Also we highly recommend pre-washing the lace if you are using cotton lace on a real garment. Lace will always shrink a little bit in the washer.
Cotton lace can be dyed into different colors, however we can’t guarantee how the dye stays if being washed. If you intend to not wash your garment (for example in the case of doll clothing) you can also use natural coloring like coffee, tea etc.
We do not recommend the use of bleach.

Nylon laces vs Cotton laces

These types of lace have what is called the gathering thread on the top, so the lace can be pulled in order to get a wonderful effect. There are many examples on the web on artists using this technique.
The nylon val lace in the 1500 series are the same quality as the cotton lace. Both 12 points and 15 points are available in these nylon series. The only difference is the material (nylon vs cotton), and therefore a much better price.
They can also be used for the above mentioned purposes, but because of the better pricing, they also sell for gift wraps and other purposes.

Highest quality laces

The Nylon and Polyester stretch lace we sell in the 2000 series are of the highest quality.
They have a great, very soft feel.
These are perfectly suited for underwear, regular clothing like scarfs and shawls or to even fancy a t-shirt on the bottom!
On our instagram page (finefrenchlaces), you can see many samples of what to make with our beautiful nylon and polyester stretch lace. Our metal trims are almost all vintage, and copper or metal based.
These are often used for historical clothing, theater or movie pictures and doll and teddy bear costume making.
The tule embroidery lace as sold in the 600 series is perfectly suited for bridal purposes, but also doll making, teddy bear, historical or rokoko clothing.
These lace are made out of tule as the base material, then the actual pattern is stitched on top of the tule.