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#8C lace used in the blouse. Photocredit : rufflesandsteam (Instagram). Photo used by kind permission

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Cotton Laces of fine French quality is an internationally recognized source for cotton lace.

We are the only company in the world to focus solely on cotton lace in all it’s variations. We have gained worldwide recognition for integrity and the quality of our products. Our products are used by many professional and non-professional users around the world. Cotton lace is our main product, and we offer it in various width’s and qualities. Most of our lace is made of the finest and most delicate cotton threads.
Are you looking for the right lace? Chances are we have it in stock!

Our main product is cotton val lace, or valenciennes lace. These lace types originate from the french town of valenciennes back in the 1800’s. These lace items distinguish themselves from other lace types, and are known as the finest and most delicate lace types currently around.Cotton lace is still being produced on the same machines as back in the 1800’s, therefore they have the same feel and quality.

Our most popular items like # 118, # 259A and 303 among others, are prime examples of typical cotton val lace. These are available in polular width’s as 1/4” (0,65 cm) ,3/8” (1cm) and the always popular 1” (2,5cm ) width.

Besides beautiful cotton lace in all it’s variations, we also sell other lace types like nylon and polyester stretch, as well as non-stretch lace. Some of these nylon laces we offer are the same product types as comparable to, or the same as, the cotton lace, but are offered at better prices. Therefore they may be a good alternative if price matters. We constantly add new lace types to our website, so please keep checking.

We have been doing business for over 30 years, and we greatly appreciate our loyal customers!